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SD2 - Orchestral Wizard (New)

Small size, Big sound

The Ketron Orchestral Wizard (SD2) is a pocket size sound module designed for all PC and Midi applications. Equipped with the same sound engine found in the new Ketron SD5 keyboard, the SD2 has all the latest features for recording, programming and live performances, featuring a New Stereo Grand Piano and huge Orchestral voices such as Saxophones, Brass, Woodwinds, authentic Guitars, Accordions and many others. The full featured GM (General MIDI) sound set includes vibraphone, marimba, and steel drum samples.

Recommended for:

Cubase, Logic, Cakewalk, Band-In-A-Box, Powertracks

The quality of these instrumental voices (following the traditional Ketron Best Natural sound heritage) is a remarkable advantage on the SD2, especially when stacked against other competitors. In addition, the SD2 includes very distinctive Audio Drum and Percussion Loops selected from Slow, Jazz, Latin, Acoustic, Traditional, and Dance styles.

Used in conjunction with a Computer, Master keyboard, Midi accordion or Midiguitar, the SD2 offers an “all-in-one” great sound resource that can be used to greatly enhance standard Midi fi les, as well as for Home and Studio compositions and recordings. Its Midi capability permits it to control up to 32 Midi channels and DSP effects such as Reverb, Chorus, Delay and Distortion. Beyond the exceptional and advanced musical quality and very compact pocket-size, the Orchestral Wizard also comes with a breakthrough price!! Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved